Jakuzi's Attempt

by Jakuzi's Attempt

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released March 26, 2006



all rights reserved


Jakuzi's Attempt Wien, Austria

Jakuzi’s Attempt form in September 2004.
Several tours through Europe, shows with The Locust, Zu, Zeni Geva, Unsane, Melt- Banana, Fuckhead, Otto von Schirach, Knut, Get Hustle, Trencher and Black Heart Rebellion.
The Band is currently working on new material.
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Track Name: Taste The Aphex Infant Prodigy
taste the aphex infant prodigy
click the apex drive your herds stampeed them off the cliff
restart restart restart
taste the aphex infant prodigy
artificial pain simulators
look this digital sun it will tell us time
restart restart restart restart restart
we all experience virtual borderline situation
an apparent proximity to the most unthinkable moment
taste the aphex infant prodigy
Track Name: If You Hear It
I'm on my way to venice now
through these thoughts
i am forever you
you are forever me
we are forever thoughts
you are forever mine
i am forever
Track Name: Try Now
try now to be
another human self assembly kit
log into "recycling the average"
a band conveyer that constantly retrofits,
synchronizing our perception.
techno h-beat engineers
as ... god replacements
your wide eyed subversive solutions
are nothing but manuals to self assembling
can you follow instructions?
we're taking away anxiety
swastika red star
irving hobsbawm

by johannes kassar
Track Name: Tindrums And Venice
tin drums and venice
now we're carving temples
out of stones
on hands to small
rip off my face
replace it with olives
carrots and peas
we're keeping these words encased

it's hiding nails withing its throat
like indian street magicians do
conjuring pythons just to
climb up high where
we could find antoine de saint exupery
keeping his words encased
so my ulysses brought me here
where dewlaps burst,
the georg of satan
holds a wire globe
and apathy is more than you not knowing me
we're keeping these screams encased
now I'm lost

tin drums and venice
now we're carving temples out of stones
on hands too small
on hands too small
Track Name: Thunder
can you hear?
a thunder rolls in us
everyone got it
nobody knows

how did we lose this power
did they kill their biggest threat
they put the thunder out
and set a fake sun in

in our will she'll find her place
in our will he'll find his place